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INPEX - The Invention New Product Exposition

InventHelp® Data BankSM Services for Companies

New products drive your business. InventHelp can help you find them.

The InventHelp Data Bank is a resource for companies who are interested in reviewing new product ideas. InventHelp understands that finding new products is a time-consuming process, and business people don't have time to waste.

This is where we come in. As America's leading inventor service organization, InventHelp has access to thousands of inventions and ideas in many different areas of industry. We also hold INPEX, America's largest invention trade show, where inventors from around the world display their innovations.

You can register in the InventHelp Data Bank and receive:

  • Access to new product ideas – We have an inventory of thousands of inventions and new product ideas that can be added to your existing product lines. Once you are registered, we will send you inventions in your areas of interest on an ongoing basis.
  • Custom product searches – InventHelp's licensing executives can conduct a search for new products in your areas of interest. We can scout both our INPEX and InventHelp resources to find inventions that could fit your product line.
  • Licensing assistance from InventHelp – Companies interested in licensing or acquiring rights to an InventHelp client's invention can work directly with our licensing professionals to reach an agreement suitable to both you and the inventor.

InventHelp respects your privacy, and your company information will remain confidential. There is no cost associated with this service for qualified registrants in our Data Bank. If your company enters into a licensing agreement with an InventHelp client, royalties will be negotiated with the inventor at that time.

To begin receiving information about new inventions and product ideas on a regular basis, please sign up for the InventHelp Data Bank online or call toll-free 1-800-851-6030.